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Visarnai is a 2015 Indian Tamil-language crime drama film written and directed by Vetrimaran. This is M. Based on Chandrakumar’s Lock Up novel. The film stars Dinesh, Anandi, Samuthirakani, Adukalam Murugadoss, Kishore, Pradhish Raj and Silambarsan Rathnasami in the lead roles.

There comes a movie like Whiplash once in a while where there is lot of action primarily due to intensity of performances and absorbing screenplay. Then there are movies like Haider where the movie atmosphere is dense and disturbing that you are left cold and horrified at the very end. Visaranai is a movie that has successfully blended both these aspects in order to present a practical, rational view of the system that is part of our livelihood. I cannot remember the last time I watched such an intense, nerve chilling, baffling movie in Thamizh.


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Top Cast

Attakathi Dinesh


as Pandi Ravi



as Muthuvel

Ajay Ghosh

Ajay Ghosh

as Inspector Vishweshwara Rao


Box office

  • Budget: ₹1 cr (estimated)
  • Gross worldwide: $1,943

Technical specs

  • Runtime: 1 hour 57 minutes
  • Color: Color

Did you know


OMG Daddy (Hindi)
Performed By Shubham Rangra, Subhash Chand.

Alternate versions

The Sun NXT version omits the anti-smoking video disclaimers and the intermission card.


The script is based on a real life story of a person who was interrogated. He wrote a book named ‘Lockup’ in Tamil, on which this movie is based on.

Visaaranai 2015 Movie Review

Visaaranai is an uncompromising, hard-hitting and spine-chilling account of abuse of power. When the film begins, we see Pandi (an effective Dinesh), a migrant in Andhra Pradesh, leaving the park where he and his friends have been spending the nights.

A group of men come to the store and ask for their address, but Pandy sees them off as Tamil Nadu police officers and tries to keep them away from their agenda. The group goes on, and after a while a man comes and asks if his name is Pandy. The moment he answers yes, the man grabs Pandy’s neck and pushes him into the waiting car. There his friend sits helplessly, and the man in the car is a policeman, so he signals him not to do anything stupid.

They are taken to the police station, where police officers suddenly start beating them without asking. All this happens in the first 10 minutes of the movie and we are ignorant of why they are treated this way, just like a group of friends. Pandy is in trouble because last night he publicly called out to escape from the girl he loves (Cameo Anandy), the maid of the policeman’s house where he helps her, and her employer. But then they came across another friend.

He says he was back at night after the movie when he was caught by a policeman who mercilessly beat him and demanded that he confess to steal from her house. Only then do they realize that they are in a tricky situation. The beatings and torture continue, but the resolute Pandy forces them not to accept the accusation because they are not doing anything wrong.

However, the policeman, who was pressured because the robbery happened at the house of a high-ranking relative, is anxious to “close the case” by asking Pandy and his friends to accept-close the case. Because it’s easier and more convenient than actually solving it-crime. And thanks to the unfortunate group-Muthuvel (Samuthirakani, still solid), Tamil Nadu police officer Pandy meets at his store and uses them for KK (Kishoa), if he can get out of the predicament.

White-collar criminals with political ties-but you just fall into a far more ominous situation with no escape. Based on M Chandra Kumar’s novel lockup, Visaaranai is deployed as two neatly split halves, with an adversary exchange in the second half, as seen in Vetri Maaran’s Polladhavan and Aadukalam. In fact, in the second half, I feel like I’ve stepped into another movie as the subplot, including KK, unfolds.

Our protagonist almost disappears into the background and pops up from time to time, reminding us that his trials may not be over yet. KK is probably the most inspirational character in a movie full of tragic characters